Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Great Day at Starpoint!

Another good morning at Starpoint School along with reading and just making the kids laugh! Silly boy!!

Building Confidence!

Wilson and Skye working together on a few obstacles tonight! Nice confidence builder and they worked well together! Behaviors they are each working on...confidence for Skye and self control around other dogs for Wilson! They were each successfull! 

Still one of my favorite tips!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Someone went to work today! He was a real pill rolling on his back in a bean bag and looking upside down at the kids while they were reading! Wish I would have gotten a picture of that, maybe next week!

Leave It!

Here is Champ! He is practicing his "Leave it" that he learned in puppy class! This little guy is doing really good!!

Buffalo Boogie 2014!

It is time for the Buffalo Boogie, Saturday, May 10th! Taming the Wild Side will be taking a team again this year! I have set up registration for the 5K untimed walk! We had a blast last year! Here is the sign up link. To register under Taming the Wild Side your dog must have attended and completed Family Dog Classes and must be able to get along well with people, other dogs and be able to work in a busy environment. Looking forward to seeing you there. Click on link, find our team name in drop down box and register!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Home Sweet Home!

Back home today and received a great welcome from the family! Britt and Jim out did themselves taking care of Dodger and the whole gang! I received a very loud reception when I walked in the door of whimpering, high pitched barking,jumping, licking and I was brought many toys to play with all at midnight last night! It was great! Overall the conference was great, some of my favorites.. the lecture with Behavior Analyst, Susan Schnieder and I will attempt to read her book, The Science of Consequences; How they Affect Genes, Change the Brain and Impact our World! Emma Parsons was outstanding as usual in her reactivit/aggression sessions and Ken Ramirez's segment on Nosework was a real eye opener as far as training and some of the new services dogs can do with their noses, such as helping in Wildlife Conservation. I may see a job for Dixie! Only one session that did not set well with me, couldn't seem to agree with trainers viewpoint on many aspects of their lecture. So glad to be home, taking today to rest and spend time with the dogs and family, back at work tomorrow! Can't wait to bring on some new classes and add some things to our old classes! Our sweet clients are in for a real treat I think! Click!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Many trainers using their mat work during classes, giving their dogs their own place in a crowded classroom and helping there dogs relax!

Another Session from Saturday at Clickerexpo with Emma Parsons.

One of my favorite trainers, somebody I have learned a great deal from. This class discussing techniques and exercises for reactive and aggressive behavior. Some of these exercises would even work in our family dog classes with distractions. A very informative and fun class!

A great day of classes today at Clickerexpo!

The fabulous Kaye Laurence did a great session on repurposing default behaviors. Bringing back some great exercises to practice calm attention, giving your dog a "place" cue to relax and not in work mode! Good stuff to work on! Also check out this sweet baby boy they had at one of the sessions!