Monday, September 15, 2014

Puppy class with Petunia, Our First Little Pig!

All the puppies did great in class today! It was their first day and they got to meet Petunia! The pups did great and Petunia liked the Pups! Everyone began learning their name, eye contact and so much more! Petunias fvorite was touch and recall!

Petunia! She is only 7 pounds!

So Cute!

Petunia loved all the pups and this one was really curious and nice to her!

The Counter Surfing Professionals!

Yep that would be a basset bottom during an episode of counter surfing! Those little, short, crooked legs don't stop them from doing anything! LOL!

A Nice Hike!

Took our group on a 4 mile hike and got many good pix last Thursday but I think these were my favorite! Banjo walked really nicely on the trail today. Used good self control but still had some problems relaxing. Overall he did good though. Glacier and Dixie actually found this turtle but he licked it and then walked away! Dixie also licked it and then recalled really nicely off of it. The second photo of Ferdi (our foster in training)because it looks like he is smiling and that is how he acted the entire 4 miles! he looked, sniffed and took in everything! We loved watching him! He was so tired tonight he really got grumpy, just could not settle. Reminded me of a small child in overload. We finally had to put him in his crate and cover it with a blanket. He was asleep in all of one minute!

Lets talk about reinforcers!

A reinforcer can be anything that your dog enjoys but also motivates him to perform and repeat a behavior! The key here is he enjoys it so no negatives. Most people use food however Atlas is a good example of a dog that enjoys a little bit of food but he will not continue to work for food in an entire session. He does like the game of tug, like to scent and he loves to fetch sticks! We use all of these in one session.So as we want to bring value to something like a bike rider, as he looks at the rider from a distance he is comfortable with we deliver a treat, he may play a game of tug, he may get to sniff a tree or he gets a stick tossed for him for a game of fetch. What is the trigger for one or all of these enjoyable things...a bike rider! After a while the bike rider becomes valuable to him instead of something that would make him uncomfortable. He will now look at the rider and then look at us for the reinforcer. I teach this game to many clients whose dogs get worried with things like skaters, joggers, strollers.... Remember always train respectfully and your dog will learn and bond with you at the same time!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

This is how its done!

This is how you teach a senior Dane with bad knees and hips to stay out of the kitchen (he can't sit)... You give him his own chair to sit in!!! This is his version of mat training! Hats off to Cosmos's family for making adjustments for him to help him be successful! Love our clients!

"I don't give my dog treats. He works for praise". Science proves time and again, praise alone has little value unless paired with a primary reinforcer - such as food.

Click the picture to learn more!

This is a great article that spells it out if you have a dog with "issues" Our clients with these dogs can relate here. My job is to teach you, keep you on track and continue to move you forward! Those that have accomplished their goals see how valuable it is! 

Click the picture to learn more!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Always a good reminder!

Understand how animals cope with triggers. Great reminder when walking with your dog if the dog is reactive to other dogs, people, bikes, squirrels...Thanks Doggie Drawings!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

More Pet Savers Certified!

We had our second workshop of Pet CPR and First Aid Class this past Saturday! It was another great class and always amazed at how much information we learn! Glacier and Dixie were our helpers today! They always surprise me at how much they want to be a part of the class. They got so used to helping that anytime they saw people on the florr they came over to lay down, especially Dixie! They sure did not mind all this strange attention today! Haha!


This handsome boy is Elvis and he is learning how to walk on a loose leash! He is a real character and so much fun!!