Monday, October 27, 2014

Slow And Hurry! Self Control

In our classes we like to teach a "slow" and a "hurry" cue. It is great for a change of pace on a walk, teaches good self control, our theray dogs have used it and i use it when hiking! In the first pic I have given Joey and Glacier the slow cue. Joey is on my right side, a little behind my knee and Glacier is on the left. This hill was very slick going down, it is full of limestone and there were no trees to help us down. One good pull and i would have fallen. Both dogs did great all the way down kept good pace with me. In the other picture we are climbing a pretty steep hill. Our hurry cue is given and a nice pull helps momentum up the hill! Teach your cues and have a good play!

4 Bassets and a Journey!

We took the bassets out for a play day. It is always fun with the hounds! We worked on Loose leash walking! Here is the tip, always deliver the treat in the same spot and keep your distractions low! We also worked on just a chase game and once we stopped everyone got treats! I lost Millie though to flying grasshoppers! LOL! In the last picture we worked on stay! We practiced everything in a play and game fashion with meatballs as the reward! Your training sessions don't always have t be formal...a good mix of formal training and play is a good balance!

Loose Leash Walking!

Stay! One of these dogs is not like the others! Good stay sweet journey!

A game of chase and focus! We lost Millie through to flying grasshoppers! Too high of a distraction!

The Perfect Shot!

I am pretty excited about this picture! Seems like a simple enough shot but what I am really happy about is our Joey (red coonhound in the middle)! He has really come around in the last year in his focusing, self control and relaxation out on the trail. It was just a couple of years ago when we took him to a new area to hike he would need one melatonin to help him relax and even with that it was still a bit of a struggle. I would not of even thought about setting him up in this pic and dropping his leash a year ago. For those of you with high energy dogs that have trouble focusing, I want you to know that Joey will be 5 years old in November, it has been a long road of training but we are reaping the benefits now! Good boy Joey, Good boy

Hydrophobic Dingo!

We hiked Limestone Ridge Trail and our dingo will do anything she can to stay out of the water. We had this stream crossing today and she leaped instead of wading through! What a great girl!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Congratulations to Finny and Karen Baker! Finny is in our Puppy 2 class and has earned Leg one rally novice with a 94. Proud of Finny, accomplished this on his 6 month birthday!

Canine Game Night 2014!

We had a great time with our game night this year. Everyone played many games, ate many snacks, received great prizes and tested their skills! It was hard to declare a winner at times! Thanks for coming out and looking forward to our next one!


What happens in puppy class stays in puppy class?

LOL! Nope, we had a great time in class today and as you know we also have Petunia in our class! Today little PJ and Petunia became great friends! PJ let her lick her face and nibble her ears!

This Says It All For Rescue Dogs!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Puppy class with Petunia, Our First Little Pig!

All the puppies did great in class today! It was their first day and they got to meet Petunia! The pups did great and Petunia liked the Pups! Everyone began learning their name, eye contact and so much more! Petunias fvorite was touch and recall!

Petunia! She is only 7 pounds!

So Cute!

Petunia loved all the pups and this one was really curious and nice to her!

The Counter Surfing Professionals!

Yep that would be a basset bottom during an episode of counter surfing! Those little, short, crooked legs don't stop them from doing anything! LOL!