Wednesday, February 11, 2015

We are giving a big shout out to Midge and Jack and to Michele and Isis! They are in the Recall class and have been practicing hard! This week Midge called Jack to her while he was in the process of running towards the cows in the neighbors pasture. he whipped around and recalled right back to her! Michele called Isis back to her while she was in the process of chasing a rabbit! Love hering these updates! Keep rewarding for those recalls! Great job this week!

Midge called Jack off the crows!

Michele called Isis off of a rabbit!


TRAINING TIP TUESDAY from 4Paws University: Does your dog respond well to training in the house and backyard, but finds your neighborhood far too distracting? Take your dog to a location where distractions are only slightly higher, but low enough that he or she can concentrate on the lesson. I love one of our local cemeteries. It dates back to the 1800's and has gorgeous landscaping with lots of shade (important here in Sacramento, where it's over 80 degrees 50% of the year). It's a fascinating walk for history buffs.

If walking around a cemetery sounds creepy to you, that's okay. Check out your local business parks. Also, if there's one thing the recession brought us, it's a bunch of abandoned retail parking lots, which are great for practicing training for dogs who have difficulty ignoring all the amazing smells that grass can hold. On weekends, it's pretty easy to find parking garages with plenty of space and little to no traffic. They provide a nice, shaded area to practice in the summer.

Tennis courts can be terrific places to practice off-leash recalls and long-distance stays and are often vacant during the week. Obviously, when training in these areas, be respectful of those around you and obey leash laws and any and all posted restrictions. At the cemetery, we give mourners plenty of space and, for dogs that have a tendency to mark, we stay away from any of the gravesites and stick to the paved roads. My goal is to go unnoticed during and after our visit. And, it probably doesn't need to be said, but make sure you have plenty of poop bags on hand. I find as long as it is clear that I am working on training, and not there to let the dog play or socialize, people don't mind sharing these spaces. When you start thinking outside the neighborhood walk, you'll be surprised how many potential training areas you will start to spot while driving around. As with changing any criteria in training, the time to move back to the neighborhood, your local park, or other areas with greater distractions is when your dog is so attentive and well-behaved in the current location, that you feel the need for a greater challenge to keep you both from getting bored! 

BONUS: Even if your dog isn't easily distracted in your neighborhood, practicing training in a wide variety of environments will help your dog generalize the training you've done, making it much easier to get good behavior in new places where he's never been before! Because it will probably come up: The dog in this photo is nervous about strangers, and the muzzle serves to keep well-meaning dog lovers from trying to approach him while he's enjoying his walks and training sessions. He is a bright, sweet, sensitive boy and a dream to work with! Want to learn more about muzzle training, check out the folks at The Muzzle Up Project!

Its a Fact!!

Meet Peanut!

This little ray of sunshine is in our puppy class! Peanut is deaf but that did not slow her down learning eye contact, a sit, leave it and a little leash walking! Thanks to One Step Closer Animal Rescue of Texas for bringing her to classes! She did great today!


So this week I made a pork loaf for the dogs. It should last about 2 weeks. I used 6 pounds of ground pork, added blueberries, celery, asparagus,carrots, 6 eggs with crushed shell. I precooked all the vegetables to soften just a bit then chopped them in the Ninja. Mixed and put into two pans. Baked at 350 for an hour and a half. Will cut into nugget pieces and use for their dinner. I will also add a bit of fish oil.

Relaxed well behaved dogs on our Wednesday Walk! The weather was perfect! Thanks everyone for coming! Today was Jacks first walk with us! Thank you Mary Beth for the photo!

Meet Deeks!

He has found his new forever home and has officially lived them for one week! Welcome to Taming the Wild Side, looking forward to many classes and hikes together. This boy has walked into a little piece of heaven with the Mills family! Such a handsome boy!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Filling A Dogs Tummy!

With all the information and research about the poor quality of kibble, we strive to buy what we feel is the best quality kibble on the market but I love to cook for the dogs and feel much more comfortable feeding them food that I have cooked. I know nutrient wise it is much better for them. Our challenge is the cost of cooking for ten dogs but I have been cooking more lately and am finding that with the correct recipe I can provide good food and still be frugal with our money. I will begin to post some of the recipes that I will be trying at least once or twice a month. Each recipe should last us a couple of weeks so you may need to cut back on your recipe. Hope this helps. These recipes are from a holistic vet that also parallels the diet with eastern medicine. She will speak of cool and warm foods to heal different ailments, interesting and following! I will also add fish oil to my recipes. We are doing this one this week! 

It's a dreary day, so I decided a nice warm stew was in order for the dogs. I am using 6 pounds of chicken (whole chicken, cut up, will remove bones after cooking). This is a Qi (energy tonic) and is warming. By allowing the bones to cook, I am adding the marrow, which is a Jing tonic to replenish the kidneys. 2.5 pounds of chicken livers as a blood tonic, 1.25 pounds of chicken gizzards and hearts to support the heart (had another pack, but the pot was too full!), 3 parsnips and 2 sweet potatoes. Warming, Qi tonics, root vegetables for Jing. About 1/3 pound of spinach as a Blood tonic and for extra vitamins and minerals, 5 ounces of Shiitake mushrooms which are cooling, draining and cancer-fighting. Two apples were added for fiber. I will add 1 cup of steel cut oats once things cook down a bit, as oats are also warming. This is a 12-quart pot and the total cost of this stew was $34. It will make enough food for our 6 dogs for at least one week. #dogstew #petfood #petcare

Training Tip!

It is very important to desensitize your dog to a muzzle even if you do not have handling issues with your dog. When dogs are hurt or they don't feel well they can become aggressive. It would help to have the dog trained to a muzzle before you actually need to use one. Giving your dog a treat as they interact with or when they put their nose in the muzzle is a great way to make the muzzle a positive tool. Yesterday was spa day for our Fernando! He does not like to be handled but he needed a bath, an ear wash and his nails trimmed so out came the muzzle. He is already desensitized to the muzzle and knows it means a great treat is about to come when he wears it. We were able to even pick him up to put him in the tub and finish everything else we needed to do. We fed him grilled chicken pieces through the muzzle as we worked with him. As he learns to trust us we will be able to remove the muzzle and work without it but for now the muzzle helped give him a very positive and safe experience which is just a deposit in the bank of trust for us!

Our Fernando!

The muzzle means time for grilled chicken!!

New Research!!

Very exciting and interesting!